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Pass Kontrol is an art collective. Through our music, art and shows, we seek to connect and collaborate with people, create and support community, dance, and have a good time.
In February 2010 we put up a 10 show run at the Bushwick Starr, of our original play “New Hope City”, which received rave reviews from The Village Voice, The L Magazine,, and We have played and organized shows and parties at venues all over the city, including Lit, Cameo Gallery, Bruar Falls, Southpaw, Arlene’s Grocery, Pete’s Candy Store, Goodbye Blue Monday, The Bushwick Starr, and Starr Space, to name a few. In three years we have recorded eight EPs, all of which have been given away for free at various coffee shops around Brooklyn.
We are also the producers of “Welcome To Bushwick”, a free compilation album of bands and musicians living in Bushwick, Brooklyn. For two years in a row, we’ve taken part in the Bushwick Arts Festival by hosting “Cut A Hit Record With Pass Kontrol”, where anyone could drop by our studio, record live with Pass Kontrol, walk out with a cd of their smash-hit, and be famous in no time. We have made several short films, including “The 21st Arrondissement of Paris: Bushwick”, “Bushwick Action News”, “Ram Fries!”, and “Lady Magma’s Bangkok”. We have also written, produced and starred in two plays: “The Outskirts Show”, and “The Ballad of Otto’s Shrunken Head”, and recorded a radio show infront of a live studio audience entitled “Radio Hour Mit Pass Kontrol”.
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