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The Latin-Jazz Coalition was founded in 1986 by award winning trombonist/ composer Demetrios Kastaris. The ensemble has performed in live concerts with such Grammy Award winners, Latin Jazz luminaries, and legends as, Tito Puente, Dave Valentin, Claudio Roditi, Steve Turre, Edy Matinez, Alfredo de la Fé, Oscar Hernandez, Ray Vega, Herman Olivera, Vitín Avilés and many others.
Soon after the group’s debut CD “Trombón con Sazón” (Trombone with Spice) in the year 2000, the orchestra earned much critical acclaim and accolades from both Latin music and Jazz critics and in reviews throughout the world. “Trombón con Sazón” was placed in various top spots in the Top 20 Hit Parade Poll in Latin Beat Magazine for 16 consecutive months beginning in August of the year 2000. The recording was placed in the number one spot in February of 2001 in New York City by Vicki Solá of WFDU 89.1 FM.
Some of the rhythms typically used by the Latin-Jazz Coalition include the Rumba (Guaguancó), Son-Montuno, Bembé, Guajira, Mozambique, Cha-cha-chá, Songo, Danzón, Bolero, Samba, Partido Alto, Bossa Nova, Swing, Blues, and Be-bop Jazz.
“A unique new and exciting sound in Latin jazz. The musical level is what I would expect from Tito Puente, Oscar D’ Leon or Willie Rosario. One of the best new recordings that I’ve heard so far this year that combines traditional Latin music, Latin jazz, Brazilian music and Funk. An outstanding effort.” the late Max Salazar, Senior Editor, Latin Beat Magazine much more info, photos, sound samples and video at
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